Requesting Information on Schedule and Lifestyle from YVR

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Requesting Information on Schedule and Lifestyle from YVR

#1 Post by limit_switch » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:27 pm

I am currently going through the application process. I have an interview coming up and would like some information on schedules, type of flying, and lifestyle out of YVR prior to the interview. Here are some questions if someone would be willing to provide some information.

1. I understand that currently the majority of positions are RJ and Dash-8 our of YVR, which would be the base that I would be hoping for. As a commuter, which aircraft type would offer the best flight blocks for someone looking to commute to YVR, perform their block, then commute back home to the prairies with maximum length of time off?

2. In terms of upgrades, am I correct to assume that the upgrade to left seat will occur more quickly on the Dash than the RJ?

3. In terms of an upgrade to left seat, does it make any difference if I start on the RJ, (and since upgrades are generally more quick on the Dash) when I have the seniority to hold dash left seat to bid on it or is it required to have dash 8 time before moving to the left seat of the dash?

4. I assume the Dash's do more of the regional flying and the RJ does more of the longer haul flying? I would be interested mainly in the more productive flight blocks out of YVR. Would that be the RJ or the dash?

Thanks for the replies.
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Re: Requesting Information on Schedule and Lifestyle from YVR

#2 Post by skypirate88 » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:59 am

I am YYZ based and on the Q but I can provide some answers.

1. Due to typical stage lengths of the RJ, you will likely find you have more days off than on the the Dash. (You get more flying done, in fewer legs)

2. According to the latest bid, that assumption is correct. This last bid, Junior captain on the Dash went to a November 2015 hire and the junior RJ went May 2015 I believe.

3. Upgrades are seniority based. There is no requirement to have and time on the machine before you upgrade. An RJ guy could take Dash captain if s/he wanted, or a Dash guy could take RJ captain.

4. Refer to answer 1.

Perhaps someone from YVR can provide more insight about specifics of the base but hopefully this gives you a little bit to think about.
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Re: Requesting Information on Schedule and Lifestyle from YVR

#3 Post by Rowdy » Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:27 am

1) all three types in Yvr now. RJ, q400 and the classic. All of which have open spots for FOs. The blocks change monthly based on the needs of AC. Unsure what the Q will look like, but the RJ will have as mentioned longer legs. Expect deadheads. The classic does seems to have a bunch of 4 day pairings which is good for commuters. Don't base your choice on schedule because history has shown that it will change.

2)The three most junior captains in the company are classic Yvr. Class of Nov 2015 as mentioned. Huge congrats to my other two classmates. I think it's an anomaly from this base realignment though. Expect in the neighbourhood of 2-3 years to upgrade to be on the safe side from a planning perspective. You are not frozen on type for upgrades. You get whatever you can hold seniority wise. Although for someone fresh into the 705 world the transition to left seat is easier on a type you are familiar with. I'd imagine the classic and q will remain junior for captains. There are no time on type requirements. There are many senior FOs in Yvr that won't bid capt t the bottom as that would mean reserve blocks. Hard to commute on reserve. I believe only the bottom 4 or 5 hold reserve blocks at present.

3) see 2

4) The dash has a big mix of flying from busy single day pairings (those go senior) to high credit 3 and four day pairings. Many commuters bid for overnights at stations they commute from. The RJ does fewer legs but they are usually close in terms of credits. I personally like the shorter and more frequent legs.

Commuting can be a hassle. Loads have been high. Whereabouts in the prairies do you plan to commute from? AC passes don't kick in for 6 months. I know we are overnighting a lot in YWG and YEG on the classic this fall....

Good luck in the hiring process.
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