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Re: Upgrade timelines

Post by MrTurbine »

GhostRider6 wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:13 am
Wow! Nice! That’s a great way to talk about your fellow coworkers.

I have friends who work, their wives work, they have kids. They tried to carve out time to watch the videos bit would have liked to attend a roadshow in person. Or they had other things to do ..What’s the problem with that?

What’s the rush? Why not give people a few months to think about it? It does technically decide the next 17 years...their careers and ultimately their lives. No small deal!! That’s something I’d want lots of time to think about if I was serious about my career at company XYZ.

Two weeks to decide the next 17 years? How is that not fast... ??

What’s your experience level like with arbitration? Mediation? Or legal agreements?

Several people whom I respect echoed similar sentiments as me. Do you wish to take their pilots license as well? In your humble opinion what are measures of intelligence and who should be a pilot? Please enlighten me.

Alright, not sure what this post is replying to, but it must have been aggressive. Either way, let’s not get too side tracked. In 5 years, all this will be just a weird memory from the past , both on team teal and team red.

Let’s try and do what we can and stay unified between companies, and not blame alpa for all our issues. Our own people decide the outcome, everytime. Be it management or MEC. There’s always deciding factors in the background that no one will every hear about, being an alpa volunteer I know this for a fact.

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Re: Upgrade timelines

Post by GhostRider6 »

Hahahha! Perhaps!

Definitely did not bash alpa. The general tone ( which appeared to have been missed) was that people should stop bashing Jazz.

Instead, examine corporate power, corruption and greed that’s present at the top of food chain in other industries and ours that seeks to disempower workers..

Enjoy the gains of your new contract... :) I don’t imagine it wasn’t an easy vote either way...it wouldn’t have been easy for me.

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