2588 TT piston ATPL Cessna 172 182 C206 PA31

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2588 TT piston ATPL Cessna 172 182 C206 PA31

#1 Post by carpie » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:20 pm

Dear Hiring Manager,

Currently in Ottawa, I have 2588 total time, hold an ATPL, and am interested in both single and multi engine piston or turbine work.

My last two jobs were in Northern Manitoba where I flew 300 hours sucessfully completing two jobs. I worked at a fishing lodge flying a Cessna 182 off a small sand strip, then after the season ended I flew a Cessna 206 on sched passenger/cargo service also in Manitoba until winter roads opened. I worked hard doing whatever was asked of me to the best of my abilities, received compliments for excellent service, and honed my flying skills. I flew in a variety of weather conditions and assisted with ground and warehouse work as well. Afterwards I returned home and began studying to be ready for the next step in my career. I now consider myself well primed to transition to a turbine aircraft.

Most of my hours are on Cessna singles and the Navajo. I previously held a SPIFR PPC on the Navajo but I was content to log my multi hours as First Officer time flying alongside the company president. During my time at Carp I completed a variety of aviation jobs including charter, navajo copilot, banner towing, and aerial photography. We flew throughout the Northeast and as far North as Iqaluit on charter. I consider myself both a good stick and rudder bush pilot and also a proficient instrument pilot. In addition to flying I also did other work like fueling, charter price quotation/customs arrangements, and helped with the creation of ground school programs.

Over the years I have encountered a variety of situations that have given me better decision making skills. I have conducted myself in a professional way towards my coworkers, passengers, and aircraft handling throughout my career. I have no accidents or incidents on my Transport Canada record.

In between flying jobs I filled the gap with self employed work assisting a family business and further enhancing my customer service skills.

This year I did some additional training on a Mechtronix King Air 200 simulator and studied to prepare myself for a turbine job. Recently I flew approaches with an instructor in a Piper Seminole and found my instrument proficiency to be good. I am familiar with a variety of GPS types including GNS 430/530/610/696. I am have also completed desktop training on the G1000. I rent locally to ensure that my flying skills are fresh.

I have always been interested in aviation and received my pilot license as a teen.

A couple of my videos bush flying are available online including this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQnHkm3aeXc

I also have a personal webpage that provides an introduction to me.

It can be found at www.tariqhossenbux.ca

To further discuss my qualifications I can be contacted at (807) 630-1976


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