632 TT, 340 PIC, 171 Multi, 105 Multi PIC, 74 Turbine

If your looking for work, post your resume as a PDF document, or submit a brief on your experience and type of work you are looking for.

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632 TT, 340 PIC, 171 Multi, 105 Multi PIC, 74 Turbine

#1 Post by brn2fly » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:40 pm

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Email: maxx331@hotmail.com / Phone Number: 403-605-2271 (Landline) & 306-501-1595 (Mobile)

Total Time: 632

PIC Time: 340

Multi Total Time: 171

Multi PIC: 105

Turbine Time: 74

Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Yes, Multi IFR

ATPL: No, I wrote my IATRA May 2017.

Current Types: PA31-350 Chieftain, DA42, DA40, DA20, C182, C172

When able to start new job: Immediately

Willing to relocate? Yes, For the right employment offer; otherwise I am looking for rotational work

Legally able to work in Canada? Yes


4311 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary AB T2E 3V6 (403) 605-2271 maxx331@hotmail.com

I work hard and am committed to my professional development as a pilot. I am proud of my progressive experience in the aviation industry as a well-rounded employee and as a pilot. I have focused on developing a safe work environment, meeting Time on Targets, teamwork and the efficient movement of all passengers and freight.


TT: 632 hours
PIC: 340 hours
Multi-Engine: 171 hours
MPIC: 105 hours
PT6 Turbine 74 hours
Night 57 hours
Instrument 177 hours


Class 4 Instructor rating renewal November 2017
PA31-350 Piper Navajo Chieftain – Skydive Operations – Innisfail (2 Month contract September-October 2017)
Group 1, Multi-IFR Instrument Rating - IPC Check ride completed July 2017
Mountain Training Check out May 2017
C182 Check out May 2017
Garmin G1000 (2009 – Present)
Transport Canada IATRA Exam completed May 2017
Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop experience (2009-2011)
Air Force Officer Development (Leadership) and Pilot Training (2007 – 2012)

Experience with Search-and-Rescue equipment, Basic Firefighting, CPR & Emergency First Aid skills (2012)
Military Aero Medical, Land and Sea Survival Training (2009 – 2010)
Flight Dispatcher - Transport Canada Written exams 2014 (NSCC)
Aviation Technology Program (Diploma) - Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) (1999 – 2001)

Military Vehicle Defensive Driving Course (2012)
WHMIS, Dangerous Goods and Firearms Handling - Canada Safety Council / Military (2007 – 2017)
Bobcat skid steer equipment operator (2013)


OKANAGAN AIR VENTRUES Ltd: Innisfail, Navajo Chieftain skydive jump pilot September – October 2017

• Safe and efficient operation of a Piper Navajo Chieftain (Single pilot) up to altitude numerous times per day.
• Adjusted jump runs to account for the upper, middle & lower level winds.
• This was a two-month long contract (September - October 2017.

REGIONAL 1 AIRLINES Ltd: Calgary, Sales Administrator / Client Services June 2016 – August 2017

• Quoting client trips, program flying and ad-hoc trips on our fleet of aircraft in an accurate, timely fashion to meet Brokers and End Clients expectations.
• Client meetings, sales leads and follow ups.
• Excellent customer service whether it be in person showing our facilities and aircraft to phone and email inquiries.
• OPS Team member providing weekend coverage for program flying and pop-up requests.

HATTIE FURNITURE Co. / HATTIE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: Calgary, O/O February 2015 – April 2017

• Private, Commercial and Condo Maintenance and repair services.
• Custom furniture Design & construction – Specialization in Reclaimed wood & Steampunk lighting.
• Deck and Fence Design, Construction and Repair.

NORTH CARIBOO AIR: Calgary, Reservations / Flight Follower July 2013 – May 2015

• Flight Dispatched and Scheduled Flight Crews as per the daily operations.
• Client Services / Check in / Enplaning and Deplaning of pax.

WEST WIND AVIATION: Regina Shell Aerocentre, FBO CSR June 2012 – July 2013

• Provided exceptional customer service to all our clients and their guests
• Professionally answered all queries (telephone & walk ups) quickly and accurately
• Accommodated aircraft requirements (fuel request, hotels, rental cars and catering needs)
• Accounting paperwork and balancing of all daily transactions

CANADIAN FORCES: Officer Development, Leadership & Pilot Training April 2007 – May 2012

• As an Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, I developed the following Traits:

o Dependability & follow through – knowing that what is asked of me will be completed.
o Integrity – As an employee / member of an organization, I take full responsibility for my actions.
o Decision Making – The ability to think quickly and to be able to amend a plan once set into play.
o Looking out for others – Camaraderie is very important. Without request we would step up to help out because we are for the mission and not personal gain.
o Initiative – I am always seeking additional taskings.
o Tenacity – Counted on to complete complex tasks.
o Professional appearance – Clean cut, neat hair, uniform ironed, shoes polished & always used eye contact.
o Adaptability – Having moved often with very short notice to different provinces, one would become highly adaptable without complaint.

• Provided Ground to Air support down to the second timings for a 9 ship Snowbird Formation Fly-pass.
• Training brought out my dedication, determination, drive and loyalty to complete 14 weeks of Officer training. We worked together daily to achieve common goals
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