Challenger 604/605/650 pilot available, 5205 TT, 4110 PIC, 2330 Multi, 2162 Jet, CL60 valid PPC

If your looking for work, post your resume as a PDF document, or submit a brief on your experience and type of work you are looking for.

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Challenger 604/605/650 pilot available, 5205 TT, 4110 PIC, 2330 Multi, 2162 Jet, CL60 valid PPC

#1 Post by PilotNoRBs » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:30 am

Location: Montreal, Ottawa region
Email / Phone Number: 514-898-7291
Total Time: 5205 hrs
PIC Time: 4110 hrs
Multi Time: 2330 hrs
Turbine Time: 2162 hrs
Float Time:
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Valid Multi IFR
Current PPC / Types: CL60 current PPC
When able to start new job: able to start now
Willing to relocate? (Yes/No): Yes
Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No): Yes
Cut and Paste Resume here:

• FAA, Transport Canada, Bermuda ATP (FAA and TC first Class Medical)
• 5,203.0 Total Flight Hours, Current on type (CL604/CL605/CL650)
• Extensive flying experience in North/South America, Middle East (incl. Iraq Afghanistan) Australia, Oceania, South East Asia, Europe, Africa, Russia, India, Caribbean
• Over 11 years of Challenger experience flying demonstration, maintenance check, acceptance and interim lift for Bombardier Aerospace, VVIP flights, Medevacs, charters,
• Degree in Aviation Management, Canadian, European Passport, I live 45 min to YUL

Total Flight Hours: 5,203.0 PIC: 4,108.7 SIC: 954.6 2,161.3 Jet: 2,162 Multi PIC: 1,325.1 Multi total: 2,329.7
CL 604: 1,123.3 PIC 597.2 SIC 526.1
CL 605: 1,038.0 PIC 609.5 SIC 428.5
Jet PIC: 1,206.7

➢ Pilot, Captain CL 604, CL 605, CL650 Pilotnorbs Inc.– Montreal, Canada 2007 – Present
Contract Captain, participating in private, charter, medevac, high level VIPs, heads of state.
North/Central/South America, Caribbean, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Iraq/Afghanistan Africa, India, Asia, Australia and Oceania
Interim Lift, demonstration, deliveries for Bombardier
Contracted with management companies, charter operators, always with positive feedback
 Acted as lead captain on CL604 for a Canadian charter company

➢ Chief Flight Instructor/Assistant Chief Flight Instructor / Flight Instructor /Line & Dispatch Laurentide Aviation – Montreal, Canada 2000 – 2007
From line-man to chief flight instructor at flight school in Montreal,
Specialized, fast track programs, Air Cadet training, Aviation College flight training program creation and management,
Creator and author of Aviation newsletter emphasizing safety

➢ DEP (Professional Diploma) in Aviation Management (2000) John Abbott College Montreal, Canada
➢ DEC (Collegiate Diploma) in Commerce (1996) Vanier College Montreal, Canada
➢ Recurrent Training on CL604 or CL605 (2007-present
➢ CL605-CL650 transition (2015)

- Fluent in English, French, Hungarian
- Current Sim recurrent training, Cold Weather Operations training
- Current RVSM, GPS, High Altitude, ADS B, Performance Airspace, Fatigue Risk Management, WAAS/LPV Approach, Steep Approach, Link 2000+, CL650
- Experience as Canadian National Lifeguard, articles published in COPA Aviation magazine - Comprehensive computer knowledge
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