6850 TT, 6000 PIC, 3750 Multi, 800 Jet PIC, 2050 Multi Turbo Prop PIC

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6850 TT, 6000 PIC, 3750 Multi, 800 Jet PIC, 2050 Multi Turbo Prop PIC

#1 Post by alti2d » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:20 am

Canada and US ATPL, Category/Class 1 Medicals
TC Type Ratings BE20, SW4, CV58, C550
FAA Type Ratings SA227, DH4
Dual Canadian and American Citizenship

I am seeking a short term employment opportunity that will provide work from now through April 2019, possibly on a recurring annual basis. I am a hard working and dedicated individual with experience in remote, northern flight operations to the high density airspace surrounding America's largest cities. I have a significant amount of PIC, multi-crew Turbine and Jet time, and enjoy the challenges and rewards of learning new aircraft systems and company operations.

As a Canadian and American citizen, I am able and willing to work on either side of the border, and do not require training visas for US based flight training.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Email / Phone Number: 236-999-6543 or PM on this site
Total Time: 6850
PIC Time: 6000
Total Multi Time: 3750
Multi-engine Turboprop PIC Time: 2050
Jet PIC Time: 800
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Yes
ATPL (Yes/No): Yes
Type Ratings:
Transport Canada; BE20, SW4, CV58, C550
FAA; SA227, DH4

When able to start new job: October 1
Willing to relocate? (Yes/No): Yes
Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No): Yes, and USA
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