CPL, Multi IFR, 3300TT, Instructor, EFIS, Turboprop

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CPL, Multi IFR, 3300TT, Instructor, EFIS, Turboprop

Post by Hay_wire » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:57 am

Location: Outside Canada at this point
Email / Phone Number: On Request
Total Time: 3300hrs
PIC Time: 3075
Multi Time: 6.5
Turbine Time: 1590
Float Time: 0
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Valid Multi IFR
ATPL (Yes/No): Theoretical exams passed
Current PPC / Types: PC-12
When able to start new job: See below
Willing to relocate? (Yes/No): Yes
Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No): See below
CV: On request

In process of obtaining right to live and work in Canada, and converting ICAO CPL to Canadian CPL. Looking for an idea on areas/companies/places to focus on once in Canada.

Over 2100hrs bush pilot experience (Cessna Caravan, Quest Kodiak, C206).
Over 200hrs taildragger experience. (Cub, Super Cub, Citabria)
Over 500hrs instruction experience. (Ab-initio, turbine)
Goals: Many, but floatplanes is high on the list - prepared to start on the docks and work my way up into the cockpit.

Thank you.
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