360 TT; 160 PIC; 60 MULTI; CPL; 45 FLOAT;IATRA written

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360 TT; 160 PIC; 60 MULTI; CPL; 45 FLOAT;IATRA written

Post by lmk919 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:24 am

Location: homebase Saskatoon, SK
Email / Phone Number: kirchgesnerl@gmail.com (306-361-1659)
Total Time: 360 hours
PIC Time:160 hours
Multi Time:60 hours (C-310R; BE-76 Beech Duchess; PA-34 200 Seneca; DA-42 Twinstar; PA 30 Comanche)
Turbine Time: 0
Float Time:45 hours (180; 185; DHC-2 Beaver)
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Yes/Yes (51 hours instrument time)
ATPL (Yes/No): No (attended weekend classroom course training)
IATRA (Yes/No): Yes written and passed
Current PPC / Types: 152; 172; 182; and those planes listed above
When able to start new job: immediately
Willing to relocate? (Yes/No): yes
Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No): yes

Training Locations:
Mitchinson's Flight Centre (Saskatoon); Apex Aviation (Saskatoon); Millennium Aviation (Saskatoon); Fort Langley Air (Fort Langley, BC); Springbank Air Training College (Calgary, AB); SkyQuest Aviation (Langley, BC)

- Mountain Rating; Underwater EGRESS valid; G-1000 GPS system; valid First Aid/CPR/AED; landed on 28 different runways in Saskatchewan
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