230TT 50Floats - ex RCAF FE 1550hours

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230TT 50Floats - ex RCAF FE 1550hours

Post by Benm11 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:47 pm

230 TT
110 PIC
50 Floats (30 Pic) 1/2 Pa18 & 1/2 C180
(Doing tail dragger and skis this winter.)
MULTI IFR in progress - ETA Nov-Dec 19

+Retired 12 years RCAF:
-6y Ch146 Flight Engineer 1550 hours
Flew low level VFR all over Canada, USA and Mexico, arctic, mountains and Iraq
-6y Cf188 Aircraft Technician

+Working as a crew
+Survival courses (underwater egress, arctic, sea, boreal)
+Dangerous cargo
+Advanced 1st Aid

Montreal area, ready to relocate.

Aviate in English and French.

Floats were flown 25h in Vancouver and 25h in Montreal.

*CH146 is a twin PT6 aircraft
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