810 TT, 645 PIC, 31 Multi, IATRA, Group 1 and Floats

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810 TT, 645 PIC, 31 Multi, IATRA, Group 1 and Floats

Post by AirDoan »

Location: Victoria, BC
Email / Phone Number: Please PM
Total Time: 810
PIC Time: 645
Multi Time:31
Float Time: 10
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Group 1 (Feb 2020)
IATRA (Jan 2020)
When able to start new job: Immediately
Willing to relocate? (Yes/No): Yes
Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No): Yes

Currently I am a 810 hour commercial pilot on seasonal lay off from my current skydive job with an open offer to return. However with over 640 hours PIC, 323 PIC cross country, fresh IATRA and Multi IFR I feel that I should begin to move forward. Having worked two very different 702 operations already I have gained very valuable experience. From low level patrols in Alberta in a 2 crew Cessna 172 and a full maintenance department to my Cessna 182 skydive operations where I was the entire flight operations department performing almost all of the associated duties; I feel I have a good bead on handling an aircraft safely, efficiently, and cost effectively. Both of these roles required high levels of situational awareness, safest of operation and multi-tasking. Being aware of potential catastrophic consequences in any lack of diligence. This combined with many years in non-aviation customer service and management roles make me the ideal candidate in any flight crew.

As restated in my resume, I possess a current Class 1 Medical, IATRA which was written in January of this year, and my current Group 1. As a more mature applicant I also have many years in various other non-aviation roles including retail management, dispatch, and heavy utility/road construction. I am no stranger to working hard, being responsible, dependable and holding the highest expectations of honesty and integrity. I will impress you with my work ethics and ability to perform under pressure.

To all that take the time to read this post, I thank you for your time and consideration. Last time I posted my information directly I was inundated with spam calls and emails. So please send me a PM if you think I can be of service.
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