16000 hrs of Intl. Aviation Exp. Available

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16000 hrs of Intl. Aviation Exp. Available

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Just thought I’d throw this out there...
Simulator instructor for Q400/Dash 8/ATR... what can I say? I LOVE turbo props and the lifestyle... I don’t do jets... I prefer hands on in the bush with my DHC-6, especially floats!
Technical ground school for Q400, Dash 8 and DHC-6.
Worldwide aviation experience. North America/Canada/Europe/Africa/ Asia/both poles.
Multi lingual: English/Swedish/German (Fluent).
DHC-6 experience is on floats/wheels/skis/and wheel-skis.
Location: Lower BC Coast.
Age: 50 - not married (never), no kids but, I do like my women!
Total Time: 16000K and change
PIC Time: 13000K and change
Multi Time: 15000 and change
Turbine Time: 15500 and change
Float Time: 10000 and change
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Valid Multi IFR
ATPL: Yes (multiple/ working on FAA)
Current PPC: Current DHC-6F
Not current PPC/types: Cl-215/415/Q400/Dash 8 Legacy/DHC-7/ATR family/DHC-2F
Availability: Immediate
Willing to relocate? Yes
Legally able to work in Canada? Yes
Oh, and I have a MSc. in Aeronautics.
References avail on request.
Prefer to be contacted via PM.
I will be getting busy with gardening for a living until something with wings comes along.
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