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In Subject line: TT, PIC, Multi, Turbine, Floats, valid PPC's

In Main Body (delete any/all that don't apply to your situation or desired job):

(I have left the bbcode in, so all you have to do is put in the applicable numbers after each [/b])

[b]Email / Phone Number:[/b]
[b]Total Time: [/b]
[b]PIC Time:[/b]
[b]Multi Time:[/b]
[b]Turbine Time:[/b]
[b]Float Time:[/b]
[b]Valid IFR / Multi IFR?:[/b]
[b]ATPL (Yes/No):[/b]
[b]Current PPC / Types:[/b]
[b]When able to start new job:[/b]
[b]Willing to relocate? (Yes/No):[/b]
[b]Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No):[/b]
[b][i]Cut and Paste Resume here:[/i][/b]

If you wish to cut and paste your resume, try using the "Code" tag (found at the top of the Message Body field) around the resume to keep the spacing correct. For example, [code] *body of resume* [/code] may help with spacing issues.
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Re: "Hire Me" suggested template

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Location: Toronto / GTA
Email / Phone Number: nospam@nospam.com / 416-***-****
Total Time: 5,200
PIC Time: 3,500
Multi Time: 4,800
Turbine Time: 2,000
Float Time: 43
Valid IFR / Multi IFR?: Valid Multi IFR
ATPL (Yes/No): Yes
Current PPC / Types: Current C550, expired MU-2
When able to start new job: 2 weeks
Willing to relocate? (Yes/No): Nope
Legally able to work in Canada? (Yes/No): Yes

Code: Select all

Sully Ako

666 Sulphur Blvd, behind the dumpster
Overpriceville, Ontario
Phone: (416) 555-1214

Total Time 5200 hours	                                ATPL
Multi Time 4800 hours                                   Group 1 IFR
Multi PIC  3100 hours                                   Captain’s PPC C-550  
   		No accidents, incidents or violations, yet

Aviation Work History

June 2005 – Present Operations Manager / Pilot, SkySlapper Air, ON
I am employed as a Captain on whichever corporate jets have the doors left unlocked on the ramp.  I was promoted to Operations Manager and have been active in keeping our operation running smoothly, and in the opposite direction of Transport Canada.  I fly throughout North and South America and the Caribbean - in MS Flight Sim.  In real life, I have developed a crippling fear of heights so that limits my flying a little.

April 2003 – Nov 2004 Pilot, Lightning Airlines, ON
I was employed as an MU-2 First Officer with Lightning Airlines, based out of West Porcupine Testicle until I was laid off for being so damn good-looking.  I flew medevacs throughout Canada, speading fear and noise far and wide. 

Sept 1998 – April 2003 Pilot, Streakey Aircraft Ferrying, ON
I flew pickup and delivery flights for customers who had their aircraft painted, or vandalized by the roving bands of thugs we hired for just such a purpose.  I also flew throughout Canada and the USA, moving drug shipments to/from various buyers and suppliers, until post 9/11 security required a change of employers. 

Sept 1998 - May 2002 Chief Pilot, Monopoly Air Services, ON
I started as a line pilot and was promoted to Chief Pilot of this 6-employee, 4-aircraft flight training and charter operation, until its closure in May 2002.  I was instrumental in the financial losses that caused the operation to close.  Hey, so I like the bling.  So what?  You gonna make something of it?  I thought not, biatch.

March 2000- August 2002 Pilot, Turn and Cough Charter, ON
I worked part-time as a pilot for Turn n' Cough Charter, on their B-58 Baron aircraft, flying corporate customers throughout Canada and the USA.  By 'part-time' I mean I was rarely awake.  I also mean that my employer only paid me part of the time, telling me that I was doing it 'for the love of the game'.  I think he/she is in jail now, but that's a story for another resume.

March 1997 - Sept 1998 Pilot/Dispatcher, Southern Dene Airways, SK
I started as a flight dispatcher and was then placed as Second Officer on the C-172, later as Captain on the tow tug.


1988-1990 Selkirk College, Castlegar, Diploma in Aviation Technology
I completed the 2-year program and graduated with an 'A' Average from this respected flight training college. This part is true.

1994-1997 University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Arts and Science
Major in Computational Science, and porn.


Too few to list.

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You can also attach your resume as a PDF document if you wish.
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