from instruction to much more

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from instruction to much more

Post by scopiton » Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:27 pm

instruction is great and open many field of aviation
it was not my first choice to begin in the industry but I don't regret at all
you meet great people, they're accomplishing something and you help them to
and above that, you have an insight on important things of aviation that we - as pilots- all heard about without allways seing it :
-seing a human acting in an aircraft is sometimes the best moment to see human factors in action and the consequences of a behavior or choices made for a given situation
-of course you develop a way to observe the guy flying and can detect quiet fine things to set a flare, or improve a manoeuver, so you develop observation
-your flying skills are improving too because you are putting words on things and what is well understood is easily expressed, then you (as instructor) have no excuses not to do it perfectly
-the student's question about a check list item can make you wonder why is it here, what is it saying on the right column and, yes, woudn't it be better to put in #5 instead of #8 ?
- you can create syllabus and improve the results
that's great because you're flying and much more
so here is the question I'm asking to the experienced pilot participating to the avcanada mentor program and some of them are very implicated in the training /testing process :
how can you manage to have a pilot career oriented in this kind of interesting fields without being a test pilot (too old and not enough hours neither military experience)
you can be a check pilot = mustn't you have a bunch of hours on type and seniority ? are the training position in a company reserved to volunteers with instruction experience or to the olders or ...?
get hired by flightsafety - CAE and do your best but you don't fly...
to summarise : how can you have such an interesting position with an increase of interest on interesting increasing aircrafts ?
all experienced and advises are welcome, even by pm if you wanna keep privacy
thank you very much
sorry for the rant
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Re: from instruction to much more

Post by just curious » Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:15 pm

Below the ATPL level professional training opportunities are rare. Flight Safety, Bombardier, and CAE won't reach below this. The military has civilian instructors through Allied Wings in Portage la Prairie. Your flying is scheduled, and you are on salary.
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