Is Apple being irresponsible?

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Is Apple being irresponsible?

Post by Carrier »

The May 2017 global ransomware attack showed that for one reason or another many users prefer to use older operating systems or OS versions. They do not need more features and gimmicks. All they require is occasional security updates to keep their computers and networks safe. A number of large public bodies were using Windows XP. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP some years ago in an attempt to force users to buy a more recent Microsoft OS. Microsoft disregarded the fact that XP provided all the functionality needed by these users.

MS put its profits ahead of common sense customer service and ongoing after-sales support. In view of the looming public relations disaster MS belatedly put out security patches for older Windows versions, including XP. Better late than never!

In comparison Apple has done nothing for users of older versions of Mac OSX. Like many users I use OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks. I do not need any more features or gimmicks. I would just like to see Mavericks kept as secure as possible. This should be the minimum level of ongoing support provided by Apple. I regularly run Software Update but have not received a security update for about a year. It seems Apple has abandoned users of older versions of Mac OSX. This was confirmed in an email dated 31 May 2017 from Sophos advising that Sophos Home antivirus is ending support for OSX 10.8 and 10.9 because Apple abandoned Mountain Lion users in 2015 and Mavericks users in 2016.

Apple is failing to show the same level of responsibility and integrity as MS (admittedly only under pressure) has shown. Of its own initiative Apple should have followed the MS example. Instead Software Update still shows no security updates for Mavericks users as of 9 July 2017. It is shameful that Apple management has such a low level of integrity and business ethics that it fails to do what is right of its own initiative and only does so when forced into it by a regulatory body. It is not alone in this as shown by the recent EU €2.4 billion fine and associated regulatory corrections imposed on Google. (It is interesting to note that most of the abusive multi-national companies are American and that it is the EU that is standing up to them and supporting the general public victims, worldwide as well as its own citizens.)

Do you agree that Apple should be providing security updates for users of OSX from Leopard forwards? If so, please forward your views and request for this to European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager:
European Commission
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
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Re: Is Apple being irresponsible?

Post by 7ECA »

The same weeping and gnashing of teeth occurred when Apple announced it would no longer support Power PC based computers with their new OS in 2009. Which is pretty funny, because Apply announced that they were transitioning to Intel based chipsets back in 2005 at the WWDC. So, users had ~4 years to figure out what they wanted to do - upgrade, or stick with what most people would call obsolete technology. But, here's the kicker - Apple only dropped all support of hardware and OS versions in 2013, which was seven years after the original announcement of the transition...

Lets face it, most technology is obsolete in about six months, as new versions/chipsets/hardware are released. And most people would agree that the average piece of consumer technology has about a four year life span - which is about what one can expect for most pieces of hardware.

But let's get back to the issue at hand - Apple's alleged irresponsibility by not creating patches for older OS versions, and more specifically your complaint about OS 10.9.5. Mavericks is now two, and soon to be three OS versions out of date. Besides the fact that most users will upgrade to the newest OS version when or shortly after they become available - most pieces of hardware are also eligible for the free OS upgrades, which makes it a no brainer to update/upgrade.

As for trying to crucify Microsuck for dropping XP support - XP had only been around for 12 years at the time of support being ended in 2014. Who the hell expects any tech company to still support a product after that many years?

So, you are refusing to upgrade/update to the latest Apple OS. And, you berate Apple for no longer updating/supporting obsolete OS versions.. :roll:
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