Companies that do not require Training bonds

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Re: Companies that do not require Training bonds

Post by fixnfly »

Gorgons wrote:This thread has been pretty quite for sometime, he's a new twist.

Air Bravo, currently advertising for Captains. I was told they are firing FO's that are refusing to take offers of left seat positions, company wants a 10K bond signed and paid upfront.
Yea I heard the same but was hesitant to believe that. Apparently the company is not doing well financially which might be part of the reason for requesting cash upfront. Problem is that you might never see that money again if the company goes under before your bond expires.
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Re: Companies that do not require Training bonds

Post by Gorgons »

Operating two aircraft, one in Barrie and one in Thunder Bay. Only one medic in each location and they need Captains? Theres a message in there somewhere.
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Re: Companies that do not require Training bonds

Post by bigEh »

Alkan Air now requires a 12 month training agreement. No money changes hands unless you leave early.
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Re: Companies that do not require Training bonds

Post by Chaxterium »

I know this may come as a shock to many people but Voyageur Airways no longer requires a bond.
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Re: Companies that do not require Training bonds

Post by BE02 Driver »

chu me wrote: Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:18 pm Instead of always bashing companies that require pilots to pay or sign a training bond, I thought we could do a more positive thread about companies that don't require bonds. Also if you have had positive experiences with companies that treat their pilots well.

I'll start with two 1). Commercial Aviation based in Hearst, Ont. as far as I know, have never charged a bond, also good A/C that are well maintained.
2). Clearwater Aviation based in La Loche , SK. great company with good A/C ,does not require bonds.

I would encourage pilots to apply to these companies as you would have a good experience.
If the young pilots had an alternative to the sh#tty companies out there, they might not apply to the crappy ones. Maybe if the supply of pilots starts to dry up for these sh@tty companies they will change their policies. If anyone else has a company please post it here.

I have edited this post on Sept 17/08 in order to add the list to the first post, so people do not have to go looking for it. I will continue to read this thread in order to add to the list.

Aries Aviation
Pro-Flight Ltd
Great River Air
Air Saguenay
Arctic Sunwest
Summit Air
Canadian North
Gilliam Air
Air Georgian
Air Labrador,
Provincial Airlines
Strait Air
Grenfell Health Corporation
Exactair ( we are not sure about this one, so if someone out there knows for sure, PM or post please)
Air North
Fort Francis Air
First Air
Clearwater Aviation
Commercial Aviation
Walsten Air
Airborne energy
Alberta Central Airways
Villers Air Service. Ft Nelson BC
Wolverine Air. Ft Simpson NWT
Simpson Air. Ft Simpson NWT
Alkan Air. Whitehorse YK
Perimeter Aviation, Manitoba (2 years on the ramp)
North Cariboo Air, BC+AB (12,500 below no bond)
Air Canada
CMA (except Do328)
Kelowna Flight Craft
Air Spray
Calm Air (working Bond)
Transwest Air
Buffalo Air
Air Tindi
Integra Air Inc.
Pacific Sky Aviation
Nor-Alta Aviation
Sander Geophysics
Regional 1
Pro-Flight Ltd

I'm sure there are more out there, it doesn't matter how big or how small the company is,( Clearwater only has one aircraft) nor what type of aircraft they fly. For all you young guys or maybe just pilots looking for a change here is where you should send your resumes. Please keep the posts coming and keep this list growing. Good luck and safe flying.


Chu me
Air Lab doesn't exist anymore. It's all PAL now.
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Re: Companies that do not require Training bonds

Post by iflyforpie »

Wow... and neither does Integra or R1!

It’s almost like things change in 12 years!
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Geez did I say that....? Or just think it....?
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