Is pay not as bad as people make it seem?

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Re: Is pay not as bad as people make it seem?

#26 Post by lock15 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:41 am

Pt6-42 wrote:
All DAY EVERY DAY wrote:A few WDOs a month and you can do 50K. Do 3-4 dayers and make loads of per diems.
What is this overtime thing you speak of? I still am in 703 world and I work 24 days in 31...
There are 2 Ways to earn overtime. WDO's, and going over 85 hours in a monthly block.

WDO's are when you Work on your scheduled Day Off. If you are off, Crew Scheduling can call you and offer you some flying to fill in some holes. It is up to you whether you want to accept or not, or even if you want to pick up the phone at all. If you accept, whatever the credit hours are for the flying you've accepted is considerd overtime. It is considered overtime no matter how many hours you've currently flown on your monthly block. For example, let's say after your second pairing of the month you've flown 20 hours and on your next day off you are called and accept a WDO, any time worked on that WDO is overtime. The overtime rate is time and a half.

Any time flown exceeding 85 hours in a block, goes in to a "time bank". What this means is the overtime is not automatically paid out. It accumulates in this bank and can be paid out as you wish. You can request to get all of it paid out or an amount of your choosing. This amount gets paid out on the 10th of the following month. However, if you do a WDO, they will ask if you want it paid out or added to your bank.

This time bank has a Cap of 40 hours, so anytime it goes over the 40 cap, it is automatically paid out.
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