Few questions regarding to AME hiring process

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Few questions regarding to AME hiring process

#1 Post by foxhound220 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:57 pm

Hello, I am new to this forum and hope to get into the aviation industry.
I have a few questions regarding to the hiring process for AME.

I am a fresh graduate right out of school, and am fortunate enough to be able to attend a few interviews all across Canada.
When should I expect to hear back from the employers after the interview and medical exam?

For example, I was invited to an interview with Air Canada in Toronto this July, and during the interview the interviewing manager told me there are no vacancies at the moment.
They have to wait for people to transfer out of Toronto Base or retire before they can offer me a job, if I am what they're looking for. Which is totally understandable. I am just a bit confused as in why did they invite me to an interview just to tell me there are no vacancies?
Moreover, I received a phone call from AC's HR a few days later asking me to schedule a medical exam with Air Canada. Usually in other fields passing the medical exam means getting the job, and the doctor there were telling me I would be going into fuel cells when I start working. However, after telling me I passed the medical she wished me luck on hearing back from Air Canada. I am very confused as I am receiving conflicting messages. On one hand they make me think as if I've already got the job, on the other hand, they act as if they're not really hiring at the moment.
It's now been a few weeks and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

It would be great if someone can shed some light on when can I expect to hear back from the employers normally, or what to expect in the future regarding to AME's hiring process? Do they usually call back even if you didn't land the job?
Thank you for taking time to read my question and hopefully able to shed some light for me.
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Re: Few questions regarding to AME hiring process

#2 Post by helicopterray » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:33 am

For large companies, such as AC, they get so many applicants on a regular basis that they cannot respond to each individual person unless they are proceeding with the application.

In your case, they are probably going through the vetting process now, so if a position should open up, you can step right in, rather than spend another 30 days or whatever going through this.

Good luck.
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