Acceptable EGT's for o-470 C182

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Acceptable EGT's for o-470 C182

Post by Crispy3M » Fri Jun 25, 2004 8:08 am

Flying a 1963 C182 with the o-470 Engine and 260 HP.

The plane has an EGT/CHT sensor but no user manuals for anything.

Plane is used for Skydiving. I climb at 23" MP and 2450 RPM and watch the EGT on the way up for leaning purposes. Once the jumpers are away I close the Cowl Flaps and switch to CHT to make sure I don't shock cool the engine on the way down. I enrich the mixture in steps on the way down to prevent the added fuel from further cooling the engine.

I have been doing some reading on proper leaning techniques and would like some opinions from here.


(1) Should I be leaning during the climb?
(2) If so, at what altitude should I start to lean?
(3) What are acceptable Exhaust Gas Temps in the Climb?

I was taught that the proper way to lean was to pull the mixture until engine roughness is reached and then add a little fuel. From what I have read, this practice can't hurt a carbureted engine during cruise... but what about during a long climb to 10 5000 FT?

To date, I've been leaning above 3000 FT and shooting for about 1450 Degrees EGT.

Is there a better setting and or proceedure?


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